Placing orders with us

First, thank you for your patience while we made decisions about how best to serve you, our customers. What we have decided is to put in place something that will allow us to do what we do best and what we hope serves your needs best. Rather than a typical automated shopping cart, we are opting for a one-to-one relationship via email (or phone) that will allow us to customize kits and orders for you. This means we can handle your special requests, give you the best shipping options (rather than a one-size-fits-all fee), and make sure we only charge sales tax to those whom we are required to charge.

You can view details about our current products by clicking on the photos in the right sidebar (the links are live now). On those pages will be photos, prices, and descriptions of our standard products. However, we will also encourage you to ask about custom sets (specific range of colors, types of bricks or tiles, etc). If you are ready to order, just click on the Order tab above. Your order submission to me will include the items you are interested in. Once I receive that, I will respond with the information necessary to complete the transaction. Once I know exactly what you want, I will email an invoice with shipping (and sales tax, if applicable) to you. There will be a link to pay the invoice with PayPal. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to send the payment (although, if you do, you can use that) and you will be able to use credit cards to send the payment through PayPal.

We hope that this procedure will help us to serve you in a personal manner. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make the process simpler for you!

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3 Responses to Placing orders with us

  1. gabrielle happe says:

    Dear Kathrn, You were so kind before about my grandson’s order. He was thrilled but would very much like one or two(preferably) boxes to sort his bricks and one or two base boards. I find it hard to find the link to you from minimadness, perhaps it is a UK thing? I paid before by paypal and it seemed to work so would be very grateful when you have time to send me these. Thank you. I hope you had a good holiday. Gabrielle

  2. gabrielle happe says:

    Kathrn, have you got an email address where I can order. Other links do not seem to work.

  3. gabrielle happe says:

    please Kathrye email me how to order. The web page does not work in UK.

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