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Russian Nesting “Pigs” from LEGO® Modulex®

Brixe63 has done it again and amazed us with not only a terrific LEGO© Modulex© MOC, but also the quantity of Modulex she has available to build with! Check out the Flickr set of photos.

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Limited Edition Fall Pumpkin Kit

Celebrate the arrival of Autumn with this 2010 limited edition (50 kits total) Lego® Modulex® Pumpkin Kit. These are original, vintage Lego bricks from the 1960s & 1970s. The kit includes 25 bricks, including 2 more than you need to … Continue reading

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“Modulex? Is that real LEGO®? What is it?”

Many people have never heard of or seen the tiny LEGO® Modulex® bricks. Here are some of the questions we answer all the time (and will make available in our FAQ section). If you have a question, leave a comment … Continue reading

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Placing orders with us

First, thank you for your patience while we made decisions about how best to serve you, our customers. What we have decided is to put in place something that will allow us to do what we do best and what … Continue reading

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A Brick by any other color

One of the qualities of LEGO® Modulex® bricks that delights builders and collectors is the muted color palette. Here’s a look at most of the color varieties available. The colors were designed to meet the needs of architectural models so … Continue reading

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BrickFair 2010 Report

Wow! What a great weekend at BrickFair 2010 in the Dulles Expo center. Hundreds of Lego Fans came to display their amazing creations for the public to view. And boy, did the public ever show up! We were told that … Continue reading

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Modulex Greenhouse for BrickFair

Here’s the Modulex MOC I’ve created for BrickFair.

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