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Read the words of Godtfred Kirk Christiansen as he describes Modulex in the introduction to an early brochure for the company. I’ll be scanning manuals that I have collected and sharing them on this website and also at the seminars that I hold at various LEGO AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO) conventions. My next seminar on the “History of Modulex” will be at BrickFair, NJ (during the AFOL setup days).


MODULEX is a further development of the Lego system, so it is no accident if you have found a similarity between the two products.

Some years ago, when I was planning a building, I wanted to use a model as a supplement to the prepared drawings. I had built a model using Lego elements and soon discovered that there were special great benefits of this kind of model building. I could change as much as I needed. And I could work without scissors, glue and other tools.

On this basis our engineers started to further develop the Lego system. And the result was the Modulex system, which by its nature has exactly the same properties as Lego. A product with very steadily uniformity and extremely small tolerances.

In this brochure we show you some examples on how Modulex in practice have solved many different tasks. We hope that by studying these examples you will get an insight into the endless possibilities of Modulex. And that you will be inspired to an effective solution to your planning problem.

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen
A/S Lego Systems, A/S MODULEX

Many thanks to Thomas Bryde for help with the translation!

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