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Are these Modulex® bricks made by Lego®? Are they “real” Lego® bricks?
Yes! These bricks were made beginning in 1963 by Lego® for architects. The M20 system, their first product, was intended for architectural modeling and consisted of elements which included bricks, slopes, tiles, baseplates, windows and letter tiles based on the 5mm cube and intended for 1:20 scale building (hence the name M20). Later, in the 1970s their use was for planning boards (wall charts to organize projects). The Lego Group started the company Modulex® to manufacture and sell the bricks. In the 1960s the studs were stamped with “LEGO” and later in the 1970s the studs were stamped with “M” for “Modulex.”

What makes these bricks different than standard Lego® bricks?
These bricks are not only smaller (approximately 5/8 the size of a standard brick), but they also have a different height/width ratio. A standard brick has a 5:6 width to height ratio. Modulex bricks have the same width, height, and depth, so they are a perfect cube (with a stud on top).

The tiles or smooth bricks are different too. Standard Lego® tiles are 1/3 the height of a brick, and smooth with no studs on top. Modulex® tiles are the same height as a regular Modulex® brick, but are studless. For this reason, some people refer to them as “studless bricks” instead of tiles.

Are the bricks still being made?
No. They were discontinued and have not been manufactured since the late 80s. All the bricks sold in the MiniBricks Madness webstore are vintage bricks that are 40-50 years old! Each brick is a piece of Lego® history in your hand.

Are these bricks “legal” for MOC entries in Lego AFOL conventions?
Yes. These are real Lego® bricks and are allowed in MOCs.

Are the colors the same as standard Lego® bricks?
No. The Modulex® colors form a muted palette. You can see a sample of the colors in the bricks that I used for my nametag.

Modulex sample colors

My name badge with Modulex® sample colors

What kind of special elements are part of the Modulex® system?

Since Modulex® bricks were designed with architects in mind, there are different kinds of special elements than in the standard Lego® system. The Modulex® elements include roof ridges (roofing connector pieces at various angles), special slopes, windows, doors, and a swivel plate. However, you will not find all the variety of parts that modern Lego® sets include. The slopes for Modulex® do not have studs on top, as many of the standard Lego® roofing slopes have.