Special Mini-Kit: Pumpkin

Tiny LEGO® Modulex® Pumpkin Kit

Celebrate the arrival of Autumn with this limited edition LEGO® Modulex® Pumpkin Kit. These are original, vintage LEGO® Modulex® bricks from the 1960s & 1970s. The kit includes 25 bricks, including 2 more than you need to complete the pumpkin. One of the extra pieces is another olive slope (so you will have a pair). Instructions included. These pumpkin kits will be on sale at the upcoming BrickFair NJ in Somerset, NJ (Nov 1-2, 2014). You can have one of these limited edition kits for just $12.50. Hold a piece of LEGO® history in your hand!

Limited Edition Minibricks Madness LEGO® Modulex® Pumpkin Kit

Here’s a quick photo of the Pumpkin with a BrickFair Minifig.

Pumpkin with BrickFair 2010 minifig

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  1. Andrew Hodson says:

    I’m short of orange & 1×1’s, but made some in green, buff, white & blue + grey. So ×1’s for ×4’s sticking out. Green hollow but white solid as a few size of green, but only 1×4’s & 1×2’s in white.

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