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Modulex Profile Bricks

One of the earlier elements of the LEGO® Modulex system was the architectural profile brick. There were several sizes and the details are interesting to review. One style of the brick had a stud on top, an open side, and … Continue reading

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New LEGO Modulex Video

Peter Dibble has done a fantastic job documenting the history and development of LEGO Modulex. I was able to help him by supplying some materials and information, which he did include in the video. He’s done a great job. Take … Continue reading

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LEGO Modulex Sample Board

I’m working on sorting and organizing my inventory of Modulex elements. Here’s a peak at one of my sample boards. There are a few elements that I need to replace after they went missing during storage and shows. I’m planning … Continue reading

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In Which I Am Interviewed by BEYOND THE BRICK

I can’t bear to watch, but here’s the interview with the guys at BEYOND THE BRICK. We discussed all things LEGO Modulex (including the recent attempt to re-issue the bricks and the demise of that hope). I had a great … Continue reading

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LEGO buys out Modulex Bricks A/S – no re-issue

I received an email this morning that informed me that “Modulex Bricks A/S has been sold to LEGO Juris.” The email included this statement from Anders Kirk Johansen (owner of Modulex Bricks A/S): “I was approached with an offer from … Continue reading

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I missed this the first time! BrickJournal caught us back in 2011

I was recently doing an online search and found that Brick Journal’s website posted a pic of one of my LEGO® Modulex® MOCs — back in 2011! I guess I missed it the first time around! Here’s a screen shot. … Continue reading

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What’s In A Brick?

Most people are familiar with the mark that is on the top of the studs of LEGO® Modulex® bricks. The earliest bricks have “LEGO” on the stud and the later bricks have “M” (for “Modulex”) on the stud. But did … Continue reading

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A Voice from the Past

Read the words of Godtfred Kirk Christiansen as he describes Modulex in the introduction to an early brochure for the company. I’ll be scanning manuals that I have collected and sharing them on this website and also at the seminars … Continue reading

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Special Mini-Kit: Pumpkin

Celebrate the arrival of Autumn with this limited edition LEGO® Modulex® Pumpkin Kit. These are original, vintage LEGO® Modulex® bricks from the 1960s & 1970s. The kit includes 25 bricks, including 2 more than you need to complete the pumpkin. … Continue reading

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Tidbits from LEGO® Modulex® History #2

What were LEGO® Modulex bricks made from? Were they made from the same kind of plastic that LEGO® bricks are made from? Great question! Actually, the answer is “Yes” AND “No”! When my source from the original Modulex® company was … Continue reading

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