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12 Responses to Contact

  1. Parker Vande Hey says:

    Where did you get the container for the Compartment Pocket Brick Kit?

  2. Karyn,

    Mac Daddy’s is interested in holding a mini lego exhibit or building contest. Are you located in NC? We are in Cape Carteret near Jacksonville. Can someone contact me so we can talk about what you do and have to offer? 252-393-6565 EXT 203

    Thank You,
    Tracy Gillikin

  3. Rachel Snethen says:

    Do you offer the instructions for the stackable piggy bank?

  4. Sidney Lai says:

    How to order? I cannot find the link to order. I want to order ‘Compartment Pocket Brick Kit (100 bricks)’.

  5. morgan plumstead says:

    will you take payment in great british pounds?

  6. Michelle Brenwald says:

    I was interested in purchasing a set of your minibricks but can’t figure out how to go about doing that on your site, nor could I figure out how to email or call you. If you still have these kits for sale, could you please contact me?

  7. Raymond Allard says:

    I would like to know how to order some of these blocks. I can find no contact information besides this; I would like a phone number or an email number or some information to participate in this hobby.

  8. gabrielle happe says:

    how do I order from you? I live in UK

  9. Michael says:

    I love the historical aspect of toys. I’m interested in purching a custom modulex set. the onethat most appeals to me is the Compartment Pocket Brick Kit (100 bricks). I like the intimate feel of the web site, but found ordering information hard to access. (An ordering tab on the man menu is a suggestion). the /order page wasn’t there when I clicked the hypertext link; maybe because I haven’t opened an account. I much prefer telephone correspondence to email. Can you please provide a telephone number where you may be reached? Thank you. By the way, I learned of your web site through BrickJournal.

  10. Andrew Turnbull says:

    I’d love to buy a few of your tubs! How do I go about that?

  11. Simon Steinfellner says:

    I’m really interessted in your products.
    I found some Modulex bricks a few days ago, and now i want to know how to get more of them ­čÖé
    The Problem is, I can’t find any store in Germany that sells them.
    So i have some questions. Do you ship to Germany? how much would the shipping cost? And if you do, how could i pay?
    Greetings from Germany
    Simon ­čÖé

  12. kimberly d'aquilante says:

    i just recently bought 2 grabs from you at brickfair,va. i wasn’t able to get back on sunday to purchase a couple of more. i love them! would it be possible to buy 3 more grab bags and a mini container and ship it to nj?
    thanks so much. ­čÖé

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