I missed this the first time! BrickJournal caught us back in 2011

I was recently doing an online search and found that Brick Journal’s website posted a pic of one of my LEGO® Modulex® MOCs — back in 2011! I guess I missed it the first time around! Here’s a screen shot.

This is my tornado on a farm. It’s made from the rotating plate element, and showcases the special Modulex® “foil” placed over the small colored bricks to make the field of planted crops. In this MOC, I used brown foil (it’s really adhesive backed vinyl), but there are many colors that were available (e.g., white, dark grey, red, dark green, light green, blue, orange). The small grey bricks with the slot (bordering the tiles in the center) are from an office element that had a plastic sheet standing in it to represent an office room divider.

Here’s the MOC from another view (so you can see the farmhouse).

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