Modulex Profile Bricks

One of the earlier elements of the LEGO® Modulex system was the architectural profile brick. There were several sizes and the details are interesting to review. One style of the brick had a stud on top, an open side, and an open bottom. You can see each of the three sides has a different texture: smooth, shutters, or vertical bars. There are 2 different height versions of this style of profile element: 4 brick height and 5 brick height.

The other main type of profile brick is horizontal in orientation. There are 4-stud, 5-stud, 6-stud, and 7-stud versions. These bricks have a different texture on each side (so, two options).

There were four colors available: Black, Brown, White, and Grey. When the LEGO® Modulex direction changed from architectural rendering to plan boards, the element was no longer available. Notice that the studs have the earlier LEGO® marking (later bricks have M).

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  1. BBricks says:

    I actually really like these Pprofile bricks. I recently purchased one of those M20 paper boxes that included all of the different sizes in brown. Seems like those are more widely available than the other colours.

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