LEGO buys out Modulex Bricks A/S – no re-issue

I received an email this morning that informed me that “Modulex Bricks A/S has been sold to LEGO Juris.”

The email included this statement from Anders Kirk Johansen (owner of Modulex Bricks A/S):

“I was approached with an offer from LEGO Juris – a company in KIRKBI A/S – who had an interest in acquiring the company and its intellectual property rights, as it is important to the Kirk Kristiansen family to keep these rights within control of the LEGO Group.”

The Modulex Bricks A/S Facebook page had this announcement:

“We are pleased to tell that LEGO Juris A/S has acquired Modulex bricks in a mutual agreement. It has been important for the LEGO Group owner family to ensure historic rights stay within the owner family. The potential to produce Modulex bricks has also been addressed and there are no plans to manufacture Modulex bricks in the near future. Thanks for your interest in Modulex and for joining this Facebook page!”

So, it looks like for now, there will be NO re-issue of the Modulex bricks. Of course, we still have all the vintage bricks we can enjoy and collect!


UPDATE: all test bricks, moulds, and materials that Modulex Bricks A/S was in the possession of, have been turned over to The LEGO® Group as part of the agreement. Which means, anyone who was given some of the re-issue test bricks has some very rare bricks in their possession!

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