New LEGO Modulex Video

Peter Dibble has done a fantastic job documenting the history and development of LEGO Modulex. I was able to help him by supplying some materials and information, which he did include in the video. He’s done a great job. Take a look!

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4 Responses to New LEGO Modulex Video

  1. TobyMac says:

    Love it. Great introduction to the theme/product, and there’s a lot of information here that I didn’t know yet.

  2. Andy Truman says:

    Come here from there. Modulex seems like a great product, would be nice if Lego actually did somethig with it. Hopefully this video reaches them.

  3. Michael Meyers-Jouan says:

    One problem with Modulex is the assembly time. Today, 3D printers can produce large components (entire buildings, or entire signs) in less time than it takes for a worker to assemble the same shape; 3D printers can generate any shape, with any angles or curves.

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