Pocket Brick Kit (metal tin of 50 bricks)

Pocket Brick Kit (metal tin, 50 bricks)

Cost: $25

This Pocket Brick Kit is a small metal tin with a plastic window and contains 50 assorted Lego® Modulex® bricks. These are real, vintage Lego® bricks which were manufactured in the 1960s or 1970s (they are no longer made). All bricks are cleaned and checked for quality, most of our inventory is “unused” and in excellent condition, but some bricks may have some slight signs of aging. We strive to provide you with the best we can find, but you must remember that these bricks are 40-50 years old. Truly, a piece of Lego® history!

The size of the container is approximately 2.25″ x 2.25″ x .75″. The lid is hinged. The color of the tin is lime green.

The Pocket Kit includes an assortment of sizes of bricks, from 1×1 to 2×4 (and sometimes even a 2×5!).

If you would like a mix of bricks and smooth tiles (which are the height of a brick, but do not have any studs), please let us know in the comment section of your order. We will reply in an email to let you know what we have available to accommodate your request.

If you would like to have more bricks of a particular color range, you can also request this (e.g. a tub with just white, pastel blue, teal blue, and black bricks). We will always communicate with you prior to finalizing your order so that you know exactly what we can provide and you will have the opportunity to confirm the order.

Shipping is typically First Class USPS.

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