BrickFair 2010 Report

Wow! What a great weekend at BrickFair 2010 in the Dulles Expo center. Hundreds of Lego Fans came to display their amazing creations for the public to view. And boy, did the public ever show up! We were told that there were 19,388 people who came over the weekend. In addition to the MOC (“My Own Creation”) expo, there were competitions, games, playrooms, lectures, films, and vendors.

We arrived on Thursday with several MOCs to set up. I brought my Modulex greenhouse, Parasite Rex (took over 35 linear feet of table space, but was much longer if measured along the spiral from mouth to tail), a hairbrush & comb, and tiny tropical birds. The Modulex greenhouse and tiny, tropical birds were both nominated for Brickee awards (didn’t win, but it was still exciting to be nominated). After we set up the MOCs we found out we would have an entire vendor table to use (it became available at the last minute). We set up a display which explained a bit of the Lego history of Modulex. We included some examples of items built with Modulex (a piano, frog, alligator, tiny poodle, and ship). We also had a section of the display which demonstrated the difference between regular Lego bricks and Modulex bricks. We put 100 bricks of each type into glass bottles to visualize the difference. That display attracted a lot of interest and questions. We spent much of the weekend introducing this tiny brick to Lego fans who had never known about the Lego Modulex history.

And, of course, we were able to sell Pocket Kits of Lego Modulex! We hope that everyone who purchased a Pocket Kit or Mini-Tub will send us a photo of something they create so that we can add to our gallery.

Here are some photos of our vendor display.

MiniBricks Madness at BrickFair 2010

A bit of Modulex history on our vendor table at BrickFair

Examples of Lego Modulex creations (on our vendor table).

Some of the Pocket Kits and Mini-Tubs that we had available for sale

Mark took lots of photos of the MOCs, which are available to view on his Picasa Web Album.

I’m excited to let everyone know that we are almost ready to re-open the webstore. We will have the blue compartment Pocket Kit available again! Also, we are putting some easier payment options in place. Check back in a day or two and we should be up and running again.

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