LEGO® Modulex® Brick House by YVD

Found this terrific Brick House created by YVD with her Modulex® collection. Great job. Notice the profile pieces used for the shutters. She also has a tile floor in the entryway. I am hoping that YVD (I’m just using her online name for now) comes by and gives us some comments about her building. Check out her other Modulex® items on her flickr photostream (a burger restaurant and an ice cream parlour). In addition to Modulex® MOCs, she has some terrific MOCs created with standard LEGO®.

LEGO® Modulex® Brick house built by YVD

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  1. Legoloverman says:

    YVD is Yvonne Doyle, my girlfriend. We just discovered your blog and both think it’s awesome! Keep up the great work!

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