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MBM_displayComing up soon is the first BrickFair in New Jersey! BrickFair is an amazing series of fan-run events (organized by Todd Webb) that promote the creativity and fun of building with LEGO bricks. In addition to the Somerset, NJ event (Nov 1-2, 2014, public hours), there are events in Alabama, New Hampshire, and Chantilly, VA (this Washington, DC area event was the first, remains the largest and is the flagship of the BrickFair events).

Minibricks Madness will be displaying MOCs built entirely from LEGO Modulex bricks and an archive of original LEGO Modulex bricks, packaging, and manuals. Be sure to find us in the vendor area (yes, you can also purchase some of the original collectible bricks for yourself).

At BrickFair NJ, Karyn will be holding a seminar during the AFOL days of the event. The AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO) participants spend extra days before the public hours setting up their own creations for the public to view on the weekend, participate in LEGO-themed games, and attend seminars about many LEGO topics.

Karyn’s seminar is about the History Of Modulex:

LEGO Modulex: A History & the New Story

In 1963 LEGO created a smaller, different proportion set of bricks for architects to use. Never sold retail, always marketed for professionals, these bricks were used first for buildings, then floorplans, and finally were moved onto walls for signs and project planning. In the late 1980’s the bricks stopped being made. Until now. The grandson of the LEGO founder purchased the rights and some of the old molds for Modulex bricks and has begun a new business that intends to re-issue the tiny bricks!

Come hear about the original history of these special bricks, how they changed over time and the special unique elements that were created. Then learn about the new re-issue of Modulex bricks, how they will be made, see some of the first new test bricks out of the molds (and some of the old test bricks from 1963 that were painted as they tested colors!) Karyn has been in touch with the new owners and has lots of the backstory to share!

There’s still time to register and room for YOUR LEGO creation to be on display in Somerset, NJ. We hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to BrickFair NJ

  1. George says:

    Thank you for creating this excellent and informative website!

    While sorting my lego I recently came across a 2X10 brick with the lego logo printed on the studs that’s just a little smaller than the standard brick but much larger than modulex but as mentioned doesn’t quite fit properly with regular lego.

    Do you have any idea what this is?

    Many thanks George

    • karyn says:

      There definitely were 2 x 10 bricks in the Modulex line. If it has the LEGO logo on it, then it is probably Modulex. It definitely would NOT fit with regular/standard LEGO bricks. I’m not aware of any other scale bricks that were produced. Do you have a photo you could post/send? Karyn

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