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Tidbits from LEGO® Modulex® History #1

Do you know where the name “MODULEX” came from? The answer was given to me by an employee who worked at the Modulex company in Billund, Denmark, back in the 1980s. “I can tell you the name comes from Module … Continue reading

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Modulex MOCs from BrickFair VA

Here’s a few photos of the MOCs (“My Own Creation” built from LEGO) that use LEGO Modulex bricks! If you have created something with LEGO Modulex, send me a photo! Need some more inspiration? Check out the Flickr pages that … Continue reading

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BrickFair NJ

Coming up soon is the first BrickFair in New Jersey! BrickFair is an amazing series of fan-run events (organized by Todd Webb) that promote the creativity and fun of building with LEGO bricks. In addition to the Somerset, NJ event … Continue reading

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Links for LEGO Modulex information

In case you missed it, our sidebar has a list of links that will lead to more information about these amazing tiny bricks LEGO® Modulex® Info Online LEGO® Modulex® Parts Catalog Brick Fetish’s Timeline (history of Modulex®) Erich Harshbarger’s Modulex® … Continue reading

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Special Edition Mini-Kit for BrickFair: TANKS!

This year tiny tanks with rotating gun turrets will be making their way to BrickFair with me! These are the new-for-BrickFair Special Edition Mini-Kits. The kits include 20 LEGO Modulex pieces, include 2 studless bricks and a rotating turntable!

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GI Joe likes to build with Modulex too!

This MOC was on display at BrickFair 2011 (better late than never in posting it!)

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BrickMagic 2012

Yes! It’s that time again already! Come join us this weekend in Raleigh, NC for LEGO fun! MiniBricks Madness will be there displaying some Modulex MOCs and will be in the vendor area for you to see our Modulex history … Continue reading

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New Mini-Kit for BrickFair 2011: The Penguins are coming!

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My MOC (Doors of Durin) featured on The Brothers Brick blog

I was so excited to find my “Doors of Durin” MOC featured on The Brothers Brick blog. What an honor!

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LEGO® Modulex® Brick House by YVD

Found this terrific Brick House created by YVD with her Modulex® collection. Great job. Notice the profile pieces used for the shutters. She also has a tile floor in the entryway. I am hoping that YVD (I’m just using her … Continue reading

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